Good Cafes

There are countless places in the world that offer good cafes, whether you're in a big city or an island. I've lived in the city of Dublin for three years now and have discovered some fabulous cafes along with some of the best cuisine. I want to share what I've learned so you can learn from my experiences as well.
My first stop was The Electric Café in Dublin's south inner city. I had no idea where this place was located, as it's just one of the many restaurants on O'Connell Street, but it turned out to be perfect for me. This restaurant and cafe have a menu with a range of great tasting dishes.
The fried chicken is particularly good, and the burger too. I got a great bowl of pasta with the meal, as well as some fresh juices and coffee. You'll also notice that the staff is friendly and helpful. They come around once a day to ask you if you need anything.
Next up was the great Cafe Deelite in the west inner city. It has a different style to it's surrounding cafes. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and almost Mediterranean.
The brie cheese cake was a lovely treat. If you like chocolate, you'll love this cafe. It also has a wide range of tasty pastries, sandwiches and salads.
The food at this cafe was just delicious. For instance, the shishito peppers were a really good side dish, and I really enjoyed the beef stew.
At the end of the day I'm always in need of a good coffee. At Cafe Deelite, I got a hot brew in the morning. The coffee was really delicious, and the room was very cosy.
The other cafe I tried at was The Coffee Cafe, which has a very cosy atmosphere. It's just off O'Connell Street in the St Stephen's Green area and offers a good range of food as well as great coffee and tea.
The original Joanne Jones that I tried was really good, and I would recommend it to any cafe lover. It was just the right mixture of coffee and fresh chocolates.
You can also find a number of wonderful places with excellent food and great coffee in the city centre. You can't go wrong with the original Cafe Boulud in the south inner city.
I'm sure I've missed a lot of cafes that were great. If you've been in the city, I'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.
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